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Driving a Sustainable Future for MMC

This project looked at how Modern Methods of Construction could be designed to incorperate sustainable principles in support of UK Strategic Command

Placing MMC projects on a sustainable raodmap to NetZero

Client: UK Strategic Command (MoD)

With the drive by the UK Government to utilise Modern Methods of Construction as the driving means of addressing UK skills gaps, and increasing quality levels in UK construction, it was key for the Ministry of Defence to understand how this methodology could be made sustainable in design and use.

This project undertaken in partnership with the Institution of Royal Engineers on behalf of UK Strategic Command, focused on four key areas, energy efficiency, embodied carbon, circularity by design and mental health impacts. using a range of stakeholder engagements, surveys and industry reports to gather information. The projects finding showed a large lack of understanding from both client and industry perspectives across a buildings lifecycle, recommending 8 key areas of remediation and focus for clients and the sector.

Outputs: Report focused on Client and Sector remediations.

Impact: Helping UK MMC clients and suppliers understand the key requirements to place MMC's on a sustainable track.

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