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Who are EGS

EGS has grown from its engineering roots to help develop organisations to meet their sustainable goals. Early projects undertaken in South West England highlighted a need for specialist knowledge in the built environment and business sectors, focused on addressing both our climates and environmental impacts, not just on site but across all business frameworks.


Our founder and director Peter Egan, made it his mission to develop processes that enable companies to identify and meet their sustainable objectives, while creating long term business models to meet present and future demands.

Our experience in developing strategic and operational processes to address scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, biodiversity, and resilience has been learnt from working alongside the United Nations, UK Defence and cross sector action groups. Our founder is also a specialist in vernacular design, and a regular speaker at UK climate change conferences and national education institutions to help mentor the next generation of climate professions. 


Peter Egan BEng (H) MSc MCGI CEng CEnv FInstRE FCIOB MIET

Peter has spent his career dedicated to developing the science of sustainable engineering and organisational strategy. His passion has been to create sustainable outcomes that have lasting and positive impacts for the benefit of society.  His career has taken him across the globe, delivering sustainable infrastructure for UK and UN interests.  In recent years his passion for change has taken him on a journey of inspiration, pushing young professionals to research and test sustainable theories. Peter is also an experienced trustee working with several institutions, creating sustainable initiatives while providing technical and strategic leadership. 

"A dedicated individual with a passion for research, sustainable impact and social value, he is also a family man and knows that if we don't make key decisions today, our children may not have a tomorrow."

Company director Peter Egan
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